Different Definitions

The term is usually assumed as minimally processed foods or those who does not contain any food additives, or does not have specific additives like antibiotics, flavorings, food colors, sweeteners, and hormones which were not food, originally. Truthfully, a lot of people by the survey showed that they choose products that are labeled as natural more compared to other unmarked foods, based by the usual belief, the term “natural” means that the food is not containing any ingredient that is artificial. Also, the term is variously misused and used on advertisements and labels.

Natural Foods

The term “all natural” and “natural” foods are usually used in food marketing and labeling that has a selection on how to define them and most of it are vague. It gets thrown a lot these days, from chefs to labels of food products, and some people believes that anything referred as “natural” is better. The term is mostly assumed to refer foods that are processed minimally and a lot of the ingredients that are used are natural products, but the term does not assure anything because in most jurisdictions, it lacks the standards.